a book exploring creative collaboration and the philosophies of architecture and building through the restoration of architect Richard Leplastrier's first house, in Sydney Australia.


Salbinda - The Restoration

The story of Salbinda is a story worth telling.

This book tells the story of Salbinda, the first house built by Australian Architect Richard Leplastrier in 1963, and lovingly restored by Richard, the new owner Anni Rowland-Campbell and their team of expert craftsmen and professionals including Jeffrey Broadfield, Peter Cumming, Andrea Wilson & Craig Burton.

Salbinda - The Restoration, published in 2016 by the Intersticia Foundation traces the history of the property from its original conception, through its survival under the ownership of developers, to the restoration of the house in 2015.

The story of Salbinda is told by the members of the restoration project team verbatim through interviews with Bel Campbell, with guiding drawings by Bec Evans & Andrea Wilson, and photography by team members, Leigh Woolley and Bel Campbell.

This book was edited and designed by Bel Campbell.

Salbinda - The Restoration
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