A book exploring creative collaboration and the philosophies of architecture and building through the restoration of architect Richard Leplastrier's first house, in Sydney Australia.


Salbinda - The Restoration

The story of Salbinda is a story worth telling.

This book tells the story of Salbinda, the first house built by renowned Australian architect Richard Leplastrier in 1963, and lovingly restored by Richard, the new owner Anni Rowland-Campbell and their team of expert craftsmen and professionals including Jeffrey Broadfield, Peter Cumming, Andrea Wilson & Craig Burton.

The timber treehouse, located in bushland in Church Point Sydney, is a stunning reflection of Richard's sensitivity with the immediate natural environment. The structure features many of Richard's signature design elements including minimal, intentional, multi-use spaces and a considered use of local resources and materials.

The property and building survived decades of attempts by multiple developers to knock it down and split the block, before eventually landing in the hands of Anni Rowland-Campbell, who recognised the uniqueness of the building, and sought to restore it in recognition of it's place in Australian architecture history.

The story of Salbinda is told by the members of the restoration project team verbatim through interviews with Bel Campbell, with guiding drawings by Bec Evans & Andrea Wilson, and photography by team members, Leigh Woolley and Bel Campbell.

This book was edited and designed by Bel Campbell.




This book is dedicated to the many people who have contributed, collaborated and collected to create Salbinda from her early beginnings to now.

When we first decided that this story deserved to be told it was to celebrate this, mindful of the fact that our family are merely the current custodians of this small, but very precious, piece of land together with the structures which grace it.

As this book has evolved it has become obvious that Salbinda is a stage upon which many dedicated and creative people have been able to perform their best.

For all of us Salbinda represents something much bigger than any one individual. She represents the potential of the human spirit working in harmony with both nature and itself, and the true power of creativity.

Our challenge is to protect and share this space for Australia’s future and the many generations to come.



About the Author

Bel Campbell is a multi-disciplinary designer working across graphic, web, textile, ink, steel and timber mediums.

Bel began working on this project in October 2015. This is Bel's first book.


Restoration Project Team & Contributors


Richard Leplastrier
Andrea (Andy) Wilson
Eva Hejgaard-Brooks

Anni Rowland-Campbell

Leigh Woolley
Craig Burton
Professor Max Irvine
Garth Hodgsen
Peter Cumming
Jeffrey Broadfield
Bec Evans

Mike Sheldrake
Stephane Vincent
Lindsay Russel
Dal HarperGarth Andrews
Chili Brown
David Wagner
Mallee Lambert Leplastrier
Soren Tinberg
Michael Bates
Andy Bates
Tobias Crawford

Mackye Dawson
Graham Pettit
Glenn Laycock
Steve Wood
Damien Rose
Roy Atkins
Luke Burnheim
Nick Field
Peter Beurken
Dirk Beurken
Ken Razania
Jayd Naidoo


Copyright Information

ISBN: 978-0-646-96616-8

Cover Artwork: Salbinda Sketch © Richard Leplastrier 2016

First published in Australia November 2016 Published and commissioned by Intersticia

Copyright © Intersticia 2016 Copyright © Bel Campbell 2016

Photography Copyright
© Leigh Woolley 2016
© Bel Campbell 2016
© Richard Leplastrier 1966

Compiled and designed by Bel Campbell
Detailed architecture drawings by Bec Evans & Andrea Wilson

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